Eono has a good worldwide reputation of providing high quality fiber optic connectivity products, with fast delivery, at competitive prices, as well as professional support.

As a Hong-Kong-based company, we have a team of fiber interconnecting products experts devoted to serving customers’ needs. We follow every order, production and shipment schedule with most efficiency.

We offer a wide range of commonly used fiber optic interconnecting products, including patchcords, pigtails, multifiber assemblies, adapters, attenuators, distribution boxes and PLC splitters. Apart from standard items, upon project’s requirement, we can also provide customized products. Best of all, we offer our best pre-sales and after-sales support to our customers.


Eono intends to maintain its position at the front of the global arena, prominent among the leaders of the fiber optic interconnecting products market, while retaining its unique identity.

Eono is deeply committed to

  • Continuous learning, understanding and foreseeing the changing needs and strivings of its customers.

  • Expanding activities throughout the world while maintaining its leading position and high standards of professionalism.

  • Ensuring that the highest standards of service are maintained at all times, to meet the varying needs of its customers worldwide.

Eono’s Intangible Assets

Eono’s ultimate objective is to preserve the values and culture, its intangible assets, upon which the company was built. We work together as a close-knit family with full involvement and open communications between all members, based on mutual trust and loyalty, not just within the company, but between the company and its customers.

Eono’s Commitment to its Customers

  • Customers shall receive comprehensive technical and technological support that is prompt, reliable and continuous.

  • Customers from all over the world shall reap the full benefit of Eono’s developing knowledge, experience and expertise.